Superintendent Search Update

(April 28 Update)

There will be a special board meeting next Monday, May 2, at 5:00 P.M in the SPAC auditorium at the Phoenix Day School for the Deaf. There are two key items on the short agenda:

1.) Discussion and possible action to go into Executive Session (in private session) for Superintendent Contract Deliberations and
2.) Discussion and possible action to approve and offer a contract to one of the finalists (in public session, which will also be Livestreamed).

(April 21 Update)

Discussions continue amongst board members and finalists regarding selecting a new superintendent. The board met telephonically in executive session last night (04/20/16) at 5:00 PM and is scheduled to meet in executive session again on Sunday. When a finalist has been chosen and accepted an offer, the board will hold a public session to officially vote on selecting the next superintendent.

(April 13 Update)

The board continues to deliberate as often as they can and there is no change in status. The website will be updated as soon as there is a change in status.

We realize many people are asking, “What is taking so long?”  This is a fair and good question, and hopefully we can lend some insight on the time-intensive deliberation process. It is important to keep in mind that the board has a substantial amount of information that they are considering from multiple sources: (1) several rounds of intensive interviews; (2) administrative feedback; (3) hundreds of comments from forum participants; (4) stakeholder and partner feedback; (5) discussions with finalists on contract negotiations and (6) other sources of important information which lend insight on the finalists.

It is also important to note that each of the nine board members volunteers their time to serve on the board and that each member has a full-time professional job outside of their ASDB responsibilities. As you can imagine, coordinating the schedules of nine, busy, working professionals, spread out across the state, is no easy feat – particularly on short notice.

The ASDB Board of Directors takes its solemn duty to select the best superintendent for ASDB very seriously. They acknowledge that it is their most important responsibility as board members. They know that the next superintendent will have a large impact on the agency, its employees, its stakeholders and, most importantly, its students. That is why they are investing considerable time and effort to choose the best superintendent for ASDB.

Thank you for your continued patience and support during this process.

(April 12 Update)

The board has been and will continue to schedule a series of executive sessions (which are closed to the public) over the coming days to deliberate on choosing a new superintendent and superintendent contract negotiations. Please continue to be patient and understanding as the board undertakes this very important work on behalf of ASDB. Once a superintendent finalist has been extended an employment offer and accepted it, the board will convene in public session to officially vote on its decision.

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