ASB Overview

Arizona School for the Blind Tucson – ASB

About ASB – Tucson Campus, 520.770.3863

The Arizona School for the Blind (ASB), located on the Tucson Campus of the Arizona State School for the Deaf and the Blind, is accredited by AdvancED and provides quality educational services to students from pre-school through high school. ASB focuses on the unique educational needs of students with visual impairments, ages 3 through 21 years, who benefit from a full-time teacher of the Visually Impaired in a fully accessible environment.

Commitment to Excellence

Based on the Arizona State Standards, ASB is committed to providing quality educational programs for students who are blind or visually impaired through classroom, community, extra-curricular and vocational learning environments. ASB places a high value on Braille, and has a long-term commitment to Braille for literacy and academic success. We also fully integrate the Expanded Core Curriculum into our program and services.