ASB PE & Athletics

PE & Athletics

ASDB provides excellence in athletics programming for all interested, eligible ASDB students; fostering opportunities for students to develop sport skills, teamwork, self-discipline, and sportsmanship; promoting self-esteem and confidence through enjoyment of physical activity.


Physical Education Program

The ASDB physical education K – 12 curriculum is modeled after the Arizona Health Education and National Association of Sport and Physical Education standards. These standards acknowledge the students’ motor, fitness, cognitive, affective and active lifestyle needs. They focus on the importance of lifetime involvement in physical activity, positive outlook, healthy lifestyles, and prevention of disease. Physical Education staff at ASDB have developed standards reflecting and infusing the Arizona State Standards as a foundation for the Physical Education and Adapted Physical Education Programs at ASDB.


Adapted Physical Education Program

Adapted Physical Education at ASDB is provided for those students who are unable to successfully participate in the general Physical Education Program. The adapted physical education philosophy at ASDB is to build on successful experiences for students who are physically, developmentally or cognitively delayed. Our goal is also to help these students become more self-confident and enhance self-efficacy in their everyday activities.

The Adapted Physical Education Program is structured to meet the individual needs of each student in each class. Whenever a student has progressed to the level where transition into a general physical education class is possible, care is taken to ensure a smooth transition. Varieties of physical education activities are included in the Adapted Physical Education Program at the Tucson Campus with modifications to fit the needs of each individual student. Cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength and endurance, flexibility and agility training are provided along with individual and team sports. In total, the Adapted Physical Education Program at ASDB offers a comprehensive, well-developed array of activities individually designed for the benefit of each student in the program.



A wide range of choices and opportunities exist for students to participate and compete in a variety of sports offered through the ASDB Athletics Program.

  • Adapted Sports Swimming
  • Adapted Sports Bowling
  • Adapted Sports Track and Field
  • Power Lifting
  • Climbing
  • Goalball
  • Intermural Sports Experience
  • HS Football
  • HS Volleyball
  • HS Track Boys and Girls
  • MS Boys Flag Football or Soccer
  • MS Boys Basketball
  • MS Girls Basketball
  • MS Girls Soccer
  • HS Boys Basketball
  • HS Girls Basketball

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