PDSD Sports Page

Hi everyone!

We are ready to jump into gear for the 2016-2017 athletic year! We are loaded with sports this year. Our players wrapped up the school year with sports clinics to prepare them for the fall sports. We also have strengthening and conditioning all year around where our student athletes can continue to be prepared mentally and physically with support from their coaches.

Our student athletes also have many opportunities to participate in tournaments. Some examples are Western States Basketball Classic, Roadrunner Classic, and few others. This allows our student athletes to meet other deaf athletes from other places, and to display their athletic potential and roadrunner pride.

Our Roadrunner After School Program for second-fourth grades will continue. Please check out the RASP tab on our athletic page for more information.

My goal for this year for our student athletes is to develop character. Within the character development, the student athletes will learn how to develop their physical, social, and mental skills to participate in athletics. In the end, the student athletes will learn to value of loyalty and commitment to their teams.

Fist bumps to all of our student athletes and coaches for this new exciting athletic year!

Eddie King

Athletic Director

Fall Sports:
*high school boys football
*varsity girls volleyball
*high school cheerleading
*middle school boys flag football
*middle school volleyball

Winter Sports:
*varsity boys & girls basketball
*high school cheerleading
*middle school boys basketball
*middle school girls softball

Spring Sports:
*varsity boys & girls track
*middle school girls basketball