PLUS Overview


PLUS is a concept that supports both students and academic teachers at Phoenix Day School for the Deaf. PLUS will promote student growth in areas such as social, culture and nature that is not covered by their core classes.

We, the PLUS team, are excited to be part of this concept and wanted to share what we expect from you in our classes. During your PLUS days, we will provide six classes, which are: American Sign Language (ASL), Career and Life Discovery, Language Arts Laboratory, Math Laboratory, Personal Development, and Sustainable Living.


PLUS Learning Goals: 

  • To learn how to work together

  • To solve challenges together in their classroom

  • Develop and share our ideas and visions together

  • To accept and learn from our mistakes and shine through

  • Above all, learn how to succeed in school and life


PLUS Expectations:

  • Respect all people all the time.

  • Follow school-wide rules. (see your Student Handbook)

  • Complete your work or tasks on-time.

  • Strive for success at all times. 

Language Arts Laboratory:

Language Arts Laboratory course provide instruction in basic language skills, integrating reading, writing, speaking, and listening, while placing great emphasis on the progress of individual students. Course content depends upon students’ abilities and may include vocabulary building, improving spelling and grammar, developing writing and composition skills, reading silently or aloud, and improving listening and comprehension abilities.

Personal Development (Dave Huber):

The course is more focused on the individual. Personal Development course emphasize strengthening self-esteem, recognizing and resisting negative peer pressure, and developing coping skills for dealing with changes within one’s self and within others. The course will include instruction related to character education, personal service needs and community services.

Career and Life Discovery:

This Career and Life Discovery course help students identify community resources and career opportunities available to them. Students will evaluate personal goals, priorities, and interests with the goal of helping them make informed decisions about their future careers and potential. The course also enlightens students to various sources of information on career choices and knowledge needed to be effective contributors to their community.

American Sign Language (Duke Smith):

American Sign Language (ASL) expands students’ use and knowledge of ASL as their primary language in order to develop an understanding of ASL as a language. This will be used to guide students to have an understanding of the language and its rules and conventions. Course topics may include Self-Identity, Deaf Culture, Rules of Thumb, Deaf History, Art, Poetry, ASL stories, and Hand Parameters.

Sustainable Living (Kenny Schoemig):

The class will focus on food science; the garden to table concept, healthy living, and nature education, through school garden-based education. The course provides knowledge about the propagation of plants for food and fiber. The student will learn: Plant parts and needs; Compost & Recycling; Pest and weed control; Healthier eating; and Food processing and cooking procedures.

Math Labratory:

This class will provide instruction in basic math skills to assist students in acquiring mathematical skills in order to attain necessary grade-level skills or reach a desired competency level. Course content depends on students’ abilities and will include an emphasis on problem solving, communication, reasoning, and highlight the connections between mathematical topics and other disciplines.