Image of Princapal Courtney Fritz smiling at the camera

Welcome back to another school year!

PDSD has gone through the second phase of restructuring. I am excited to see the positive things that will come with these changes. Here is a brief explanation of the duties and leadership structure.

Maureen Gallucci will be remaining as the Preschool Supervising Teacher. Ms. Gallucci will take care of all things preschool as she has done for the past six years.

Michelle Kelley’s role has changed to Student Life Supervising Teacher. Ms. Kelley will be responsible for student activities, organizations, events and committees. She will also supervise K-12 instructional assistants.

Rebecca Abeyta will be returning to PDSD after a short time away in the role of CTE Supervising Teacher. Ms. Abeyta will be responsible for off campus vocational programs and transition plans for high school students. She will also supervise the Specials teachers who work with K-12 students.

Jill Voit has taken on a new role as Assistant Principal of Curriculum and Instruction. Ms. Voit’s main focus will be instructional coaching, academic practices, curriculum support, IEPs and grading for K-12 students.

Christopher Flint Fears will be remaining in his role as Assistant Principal of Student Support Services. Mr. Fears is responsible for related services, attendance, behavior management and discipline.

I will be the primary instructional leader responsible for all educational programming, specifically working with elementary (K-4), middle school (5-8) and high school (9-12) teachers.

The ASDB agency welcomed our new Superintendent, Annette Reichman, on July 25, 2016. Ms. Reichman will certainly add to the growth and forward progress that the agency has made over the past two years.

It is only fitting that this year’s motto is “Building Foundations”. We have been hard at work, building PDSD to the next level. We know that in order to believe in growth, we must also acknowledge that “The road to success is always under construction!” – Lily Tomlin

With belief and confidence in the Roadrunner Community,

Courtney Fritz