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The 2018-2019 school year is another one filled with fun, excitement, learning and changes! Changes can have a sense of excitement and/or worry of the unknown. I view our changes as challenges and opportunities for growth. Until we think out of the box and unlock the door of possibilities, we will never know our full potential.


This year brings changes with the daily schedule and the addition of PLUS days (K-12 only, life skills excluded). I believe it is important to review the WHY behind PLUS days

PLUS days were the result of the School by Design (SxD) report. We hired SxD as one of our school improvement initiatives. We had two main goals when working with SxD. Our intent was first and foremost to provide more instructional time in the areas of ELA and math. The second was to have the time to provide more intensive professional development for our teachers in order to make significant gains with our teaching and learning.
The PLUS days were designed to address both of these goals. By creating a PLUS day for students, courses and topics that we wanted our students to participate in could be consolidated to 1x/week. This would in turn significantly reduce the impact and pull outs during ELA and math classes (on the other four days of the week). Doing away with Wednesday late starts, was another way we addressed this goal. 
Teacher PLUS days allow time for core academic teachers to meet in order to address areas that impact teaching and learning. This includes: IEPs, data, use of curriculum, behavior, parent engagement, and enhancement of professional pedagogy. 
We are taking this one quarter at a time. It is new and there are bound to be adjustments made along the way.
I am looking forward to embarking on this new journey and look forward to celebrating small and big successes along the way. 


The leadership staff and roles for this school year are listed below. Please feel free to reach out to any one of us. We are here to make sure your child has access to all of the keys for success.


Jeff Ploederl, Athletic Director

Michelle Kelley, Supervising Teacher of Student  Life

Wayne Harrison, ASDB Related Services Supervisor

*Amber Akapnitis, Interim Assistant Principal of Academic Services

*Amber will be filling the preschool supervising teacher position for this school year.

Jill Voit, Assistant Principal of Curriculum and Instruction

Flint Fears, Assistant Principal of Student Support Services

Courtney Fritz, Principal

 What potential opportunities do you see for your child during 2018-2019 school year? We can’t wait to help them UNLOCK THEIR POTENTIAL!

Courtney Fritz