Image of Princapal Courtney Fritz smiling at the camera

Welcome to an exciting 2019-2020 school year! 


Five years ago, I began my journey as principal at PDSD. During that time, we started with a belief that guided us to becoming one team. Over the past couple of years, there have been changes that have contributed to building a foundation of continuous improvement for our students, our school and ourselves.  It was Showtime during our 50th year celebration, but there was still more to do. Last year, with significant instructional programming changes, we worked to find ways to unlock our potential


Some wonder if the changes over the past five years are completed. You too might be asking, what is next? How does a school continue to maintain this level of work, expectation, and necessary efforts for school improvement?

A specific quote that has great meaning to us this year is, 


“Magic lies in challenging what seems impossible.” -Carol Moseley Braun


There are times that education seems hard, and maybe even impossible, yet I know that we each have that little extra magic that is necessary to make success possible for all of our students. We just need the courage, determination, and persistence to share it!

A group of nine educators from PDSD traveled to Atlanta, Georgia last year to participate in the professional development experience at the Ron Clark Academy (RCA). RCA is a highly successful school that is based on relationships, rapport and student engagement.

“If WE can get this right, WE can change the world!” –Ron Clark

We are excited to implement the RCA House System this year. This system will provide our students with theopportunity to collaborate, communicate and become leaders of their school. We will be sharing more information through our website as the school year gets going.  

I hope you too will #ShareTheMagic with us this coming school year!  

Courtney Fritz