BEDH-EA: Request to Address Board on an Agenda Item

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BEDH-EA: Request to Address Board on an Agenda Item

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A citizen wishing to make comments to the ASDB Board of Directors on agenda items must fill out this yellow form and present the completed form to the ASDB Board Secretary.

AGENDA ITEM/SUBJECT _______________________________________________________________________________        

NAME ________________________________________________        DATE _____________________________________

ADDRESS ____________________________________________                TELEPHONE _______________________________        

This is a legally convened meeting of the Board of Directors of the Arizona State Schools for the Deaf and the Blind, for which official minutes are kept. Any statements and/or transactions made at this meeting may be made a part of the public record and are subject to uses of such records as authorized by law.

Procedures to follow when appearing before the ASDB Board of Directors:

  1. State your name and address.

  1. Indicate the agenda item you wish to speak about.

  1. Limit your presentation to three (3) minutes.

Policy BEDH assigns to the ASDB Board President the responsibility for establishing time limits for public participation and for individual speakers. Unless modified by the President at a particular meeting, due to circumstances on that occasion, each speaker is limited to three (3) minutes.

It is the direction of the Governing Board that problems and concerns be first addressed, to the degree practicable, at the school, department, or facility level. If the problem is not satisfactorily resolved at this first level, the concern should be directed to the appropriate administrator or manager/supervisor. If further action is necessary, a problem or concern may be referred to the Superintendent. The ASDB Governing Board will not entertain or consider any recommendations, grievance, complaint, or petition from parents, students, staff members or patrons of ASDB until such issues have first been pursued through the proper administrative channels without satisfactory resolution. This requirement is intended to help ensure that the ASDB Governing Board is fully informed and able to act without prejudice when acting in the role of the hearing body.

Speakers may offer such objective criticisms of ASDB operations and programs as concern them. But, in a public meeting, the ASDB Board will not hear personal complaints about ASBD staff members nor against any person connected with ASDB. Other channels provide for ASDB Board consideration and disposition of legitimate complaints involving individuals.

NOTE: Please give this form to the ASDB Board Secretary and wait to be called by the ASDB Board to make your presentation.