JICFA-E: Hazing

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JICFA-E: Hazing

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(To be displayed in school buildings and placed in student handbooks)

There shall be no hazing, solicitation to engage in hazing, or aiding and abetting another who is engaged in hazing of any person enrolled, accepted for or promoted to enrollment, or intending to enroll or be promoted to ASDB within twelve (12) calendar months. For purposes of this policy a person as specified above shall be considered a "student" until graduation, transfer, promotion or withdrawal from the school.


"Hazing" means any intentional, knowing or reckless act committed by a student, whether individually or in concert with other persons, against another student and in which both of the following apply:

"Organization" means an athletic team, association, order, society, corps, cooperative, club, or similar group that is affiliated with an educational institution and whose membership consists primarily of students enrolled at that educational institution.


It is no defense to a violation of this policy if the victim consented or acquiesced to hazing.

In accord with statute, violations of this policy do not include either of the following:

All students, teachers and employees shall take reasonable measures within the scope of their individual authority to prevent violations of this policy.

Reporting/Complaint Procedure

Students and others may report hazing to any ASDB employee. Employees must report the incident to the Principal/Director or Assistant Superintendent/Superintendent, in writing, with such details as may have been

provided. A failure by an employee to timely inform the Principal/Director or Assistant Superintendent/Superintendent of a hazing allegation or their observation of an incident of hazing may subject the employee to disciplinary action in accord with ASDB policies. The employee shall preserve the confidentiality of those involved, disclosing the incident only to the appropriate Principal/Director or Assistant Superintendent/Superintendent or as otherwise required by law. Any instance of reported or observed hazing which includes possible child abuse or violations of statutes known to the employee shall be treated in accord with statutory requirements and be reported to a law enforcement agency.

A person who complains or reports regarding hazing may complain or report directly to the Principal/Director or to an ASDB employee. The employee receiving the report/complaint shall retrieve sufficient detail from the person to complete the form designated for such purpose. At a minimum the report/complaint shall be put in writing containing the identifying information on the complainant and such specificity of names, places and times as to permit an investigation to be carried out. When an ASDB employee receives the information, the employee will transmit a report to the Principal/Director or Assistant Superintendent/Superintendent not later than the next school day following the day the employee receives the report/complaint.

The report/complaint will be investigated by the Principal/Director or Assistant Superintendent/Superintendent. The procedures to be followed are:

All violations of this policy shall be treated in accord with the appropriate procedures and penalties provided for in ASDB policies related to the conduct and discipline of students, employees, and others.