JICFA-R: Hazing

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JICFA-R: Hazing

J-2961        ©2004 by Arizona School Boards Association        JICFA-R


A person who reports or complains regarding hazing may report or complain directly to the Principal/Director or to an employee. The ASDB employee receiving the report/complaint shall retrieve sufficient detail from the person to complete the form designated for such purpose. At a minimum the report/complaint shall be put in writing containing the identifying information on the complainant and such specificity of names, places and times as to permit an investigation to be carried out. When an ASDB employee receives the information, the employee will transmit a report to the Principal/Director or Assistant Superintendent/Superintendent not later than the next school day following the day the employee receives the report/complaint.

The report/complaint will be investigated by the Principal/Director or Assistant Superintendent/Superintendent.

The procedures to be followed are:

Where disciplinary action is necessary, ASDB policies shall be followed.