JLH: School Records and Missing Students

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JLH: School Records and Missing Students

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Following proper notification, the records of each missing child will be flagged with a red sticker in the upper-right-hand corner of the cumulative folder. When records are requested for missing children, the local law enforcement agency will be notified and no records will be sent.

The parent or surrogate of each new enrollee in ASDB, except homeless students, will be asked to produce one (1) of the following proofs:

The parent or legal guardian will be given thirty (30) days to provide documentation requested as listed above. If documentation is not provided, a second (2nd) letter will be sent to notify the parent or guardian that unless the documentation is provided within ten (10) days, the local law enforcement agency will be notified.

Nothing contained in this policy shall authorize ASDB to disclose to any person a student’s educational record without prior parental consent unless ASDB makes a determination that disclosure of such records is necessary to protect the health and safety of the student.

For purposes of this policy:

Adopted: November 9, 2017