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Why should you intern at ASDB?

  • Experience different work settings, and explore different education fields related to our community.
  • Opportunities to work with experienced staff in a campus-based environment.
  • Empower prospective staff to become part of ASDB’s family.
  • Get prospective staff involved in planning work experiences where they can learn about what we do and our employer/employee relationship.

Internship openings

  • American Sign Langauge Educational Interpreters or Public Interpreters
  • Student Teachers


As an ASL Educational Interpreter Intern, you will witness and assist other interpreters in creating accessibility to the student in the classroom. The student will have access to the classroom content and to the classroom social life.

As a Public Interpreter Intern, you will gain experience in public translation and communication. You will be immersed in our culture and learn how to professionally translate for different scenarios.

As a Student Teacher Intern, you will assist your teacher leaders in their day-to-day classroom practices. You will learn the fundamentals of teaching in a Deaf, Hard of Hearing, Blind, or Visually Impaired environment.



  • We accept Interns/Practicum Students/Student Teachers from accredited university programs only. 

Internships over? Work with us!

Educational Interpreter – ASL/English (As Needed)

School for the Deaf – Phoenix

Educational Interpreter

Early Learning Program

Interpreter Foreign Language (Spanish-English)

Deaf Programs – Phoenix

Public Interpreter (ASL-English)

Deaf Programs Tucson

Programs & Services 

You will find several systematic approaches to training support, encouragement, and collaboration. Throughout our service delivery, we offer opportunities to further careers within your field or if you choose to start something new, we include some paid-to-learn opportunities.

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Perks of becoming staff at ASDB

Health, Dental, Vision, Health Incentive Programs

Pension, Investment, Flex Spending

Generous Paid Time Off, Sick Leave, Paid Holidays

EAP, Counseling benefits and Crisis Intervention Training


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