Technical Information - SOUND

1200 W. Speedway Blvd   Tucson, AZ  85745



4 -- EAW (Eastern Acoustic Works) MK-5160 full range speakers splayed in 2 stereo pairs (15” woofers with 1.4” compression horn drivers in each enclosure).
2 -- EAW JF-560z Subwoofers (with dual 15” drivers in each enclosure).
2 -- EV (ElectroVoice) T-251+ full range speakers (with 15” woofers and 1” compression horn drivers each) - Available to set-up where needed

2 – JBL EON 10 Monitors
2 – JBL SF 12-M (Sound Factor) Monitors
1 – JBL Control 2 Monitor

4 – Crown MicroTech 2400 stereo power amplifiers: 500 watts per side.
1 - QSC RMX-850 stereo power amplifier (used for 2 monitor sends).
4 – Altec Model 9444A: 100 watts per channel stereo power amplifiers (no longer in use).
2 – Altec Model 1707B: Blind description and booth monitor amplifiers.
1 – Altec Model 9442A: Assistive hearing loop system amplifier.
1 – Altec Model 1415A: Assistive listening headphone distribution amplifier.
1 – QSC MPS-2300 Mixer Amplifier: lobby and greenroom program monitors.

Lexicon MPX-110 Multi-effects Digital Signal Processor.
Yamaha DDL-3, Digital Delay Lines (no longer in use).

Yamaha LS9 - 32 Channel Digital Mixing Console
Allen and Heath GL-2200 32 channel, 4-bus, 6-Aux. stereo mixer.
Mackie 1604VLX mixer.

Klark Teknik DN-332, 15 band graphic monitor EQ.
Klark Teknik DN-405, 5 band assignable parameteric EQ.
Ashley GQX 3102 and 3101, 1/3 octave equalizers on the FOH drivers.
Yamaha DDL-3, Digital crossover and delay line (no longer in use).
1 – Furman TX-324, tunable crossover.
2 – DBX-166XL stereo compressors.

4 – Shure SM-57 dynamic microphones
6 – Shure SM-58 dynamic microphones
2 – Shure SM-81 condenser microphones.
4 – Crown PCC-166 boundary floor microphones
4 – Shure UHF wireless units (UC4, UC2 and UC1) that provide either four channels of wireless SM-58 transmission (UC2) or four channels of wireless lavalier WL-93 (with UC1) transmitters. (There is an additional fee for wireless equipment.)

2 – Sony TC-WR585 Cassette decks
1 - Denon DN-C615 Professional CD player
1 – Sony CDP-XE400 CD player
1 – Yamaha CDX-550 CD player
1 – Alesis Masterlink CD player/recorder and mastering CD recording deck.
A Technics AM/FM radio tuner is available if needed.

Production intercommunications are provided by a Telex intercom system with up to 5 boomsets (headsets with microphones) available with multiple stations located in the sound and light control booths, on the stage left and right wings, in the (low) center of the house, in the greenroom, at all four house entrances (house right and left) with 3 additional taps in the AP and 2 more taps in the lobby.

Easy Listener T-loop wireless hearing aide transmitter system.
Listen System FM assistive listening equipment

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