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Seating: 496 installed seats, 6 handicapped seating locations in front and the capability to add 4 additional folding chairs for a total capacity of 500 people.


TYPE: Proscenium

FLOOR: Flat black, tongue and groove. Soft wood on hard wood.

The stage has no traps or lifts. NOTE: No attachments may be

made to the floor without the prior approval of the Technical Director.

WIDTH: Proscenium = 48 feet.

DEPTH: Proscenium to back wall = 28 feet – Proscenium to downstage edge = 10 feet

HEIGHT: Proscenium = 24 feet

PIT SIZE: Width = 43 feet

Depth = 16 feet

Height = 8 feet

Capacity = 30 (with instruments)


Rigging Information: All rigging is wall mounted with a hand crank system. An orchestra shell is available for an additional usage fee.

Curtain Information: Two travelers transverse the entire proscenium width. The legs are on 5 foot travelers. For more details, see pipe schedule here.

Dressing Room: One dressing/makeup area with stations for 8 people is available. Two restrooms (with a shower in

each) adjoining the green room are available. This “green room” area is located on the stage right side with direct access to the stage and into the lobby.

Loading Dock: The loading dock door is located on the stage left side of the proscenium with direct access to the staging area through a 12’ x 18’ roll up loading door. The stage is accessible through the same size roll up door that is in a direct line with the exterior door past a dock landing and storage area. The loading ramp is on the west side of the Berger Center with parking available for one truck. The ramp is at ground level with no raised dock.

Parking: Parking is available on the East and West sides of the campus. There are a total of 400 vehicle spaces available. All performers and technicians must use designated parking areas (which are lit at night). Any illegally parked vehicles will be ticketed and/or towed. For more details about parking, please refer to our parking lot map here. You can also find the parking lot map and all other downloadable files on the downloads page.


Projector: Panasonic  PT-DW8300U

Lens: ET-D75LE30   Zoom: 2.70:1-5.20:1