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Our Vision

DMP is committed to holistic development of deaf and hard of hearing children by giving them access to the world.

The Deaf Mentor Program provides families with deaf/hard of hearing children an opportunity to work with highly trained deaf/hard of hearing adult role models to begin acquiring American Sign Language and introducing the family to Deaf Culture. Deaf Mentors strive to promote strong family relationships by focusing on natural language acquisition, strengthening communication, and allowing deaf/hard of hearing children early access to actively participate in their environment as they develop healthy identities.

Our Deaf Mentors

Deaf Mentors

Meet our team of highly qualified and passionate staff who strive to provide families of deaf/hard of hearing children the tools they need to succeed in life, education, and the pursuit of happiness.

Cassandra Bell-Jones

Deaf Mentor for Northern Arizona

Nicole Moots

Deaf Mentor for Central Phoenix


Estefenia Peña

Deaf Mentor for Southern Arizona & Tucson


Christina Vorreyer-Davis, M.S.

Deaf Mentor Program Coordinator


Joseph Ponte

Deaf Mentor for East Valley, Southwest Valley (Buckeye, Goodyear)