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The Phoenix Day School for the Deaf provides a full array of educational and support services to day students in Elementary, Middle School and High School. These services include counseling, communication instruction (American Sign Language, speech, auditory training, speech reading, augmentative communication, public speaking, reading intervention, pragmatics, and communicative competence), audiology, occupational and physical therapy, vocational training, career counseling and transition planning.

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Phoenix Day School for the Deaf (PDSD)

was established in 1967. PDSD is a division of the Arizona State Schools for the Deaf and the Blind. PDSD has been providing quality educational programming for children who are deaf or hard-of-hearing for 50 years within the metropolitan Phoenix area. The school was originally established at the urging of Phoenix parents who wanted their children educated closer to home. PDSD began in 1967 with 26 elementary students and 5 teachers. Today they have 340 students in Preschool through 12th grade and 90 faculty. The high school department was established in 1979 with the first graduating class in 1983. PDSD has been fully accredited by the North Central Association since 1982.

Phoenix Day School for the Deaf: 7654 N. 19th Ave. Phoenix, Arizona 85021
Voice: (602) 771-5400 |  VP: (602) 845-8411 |  Fax: (602) 771-5364.
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A teacher walking with student.
A student is working on a box with electronic lights. inside. On a table, we see electronic parts with wires.
We see multiple lights in dark room on the wall, ceiling and floor. We can see some students sitting on the floor and some are standing. Their white shirts and pants are glowing that are reflected from blacklights.
We see young student sliding down from yellow slide. He is looking at us with partial smile.
Group of football players huddling on football field.

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