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Arizona State Schools for the Deaf and the Blind (ASDB) serves over 2,000 children from birth to age 22 who are deaf, hard of hearing, blind, visually impaired or deafblind. ASDB operates two schools for the deaf, one school for the blind, a statewide birth-to-three early childhood and family education program and five regional cooperatives (which provides services to students at their local schools).

Our Schools

Phoenix Day School for the Deaf and the ASDB Tucson Campus are AdvancED accredited schools offering education and support services to hundreds of students from preschool through 12th grade.

Regional Cooperatives

The regional cooperatives were created to help support students from preschool through twelfth grade who are deaf, hard of hearing, blind, visually impaired or deafblind in the general education classroom within their public school setting.

Early Childhood

The Early Childhood and Family Education (ECFE) program works in partnership with the Arizona Early Intervention Program to provide early intervention services to infants and toddlers (birth to age three) all over the state of Arizona who are deaf, hard of hearing, blind, visually impaired or deafblind.

ASDB is dedicated to empowering young children and students with the educational opportunities necessary to succeed in college, career and life.




A Message from Superintendent Annette Reichman

I am proud to be part of a diverse and talented family of professionals and community members who share my passion and commitment to making ASDB education agency.

ASDB is a special place. It is where students thrive and everyone is family. ASDB provides a vibrant and welcoming environment where unique learning needs are accommodated and where students who are deaf, hard of hearing, blind, visually impaired or deafblind have access to a high quality public education. ASDB is where students aspire to realize their full potential, explore personal growth opportunities and obtain the education and skills necessary to succeed in college, career and life.

On behalf of the entire ASDB community, thank you for taking the time to explore our rich history and learn about the modern services we provide. I hope you consider joining our ever-growing, extended family.


Annette Reichman
ASDB Superintendent

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