Frequently Asked Questions

Frequent Asked Questions:


  • Q: Who is eligible to attend the Phoenix Day School for the Deaf?
  • A: A student who is between the ages of 5 and 22 who has hearing loss which impedes his/her education in a regular or special classroom setting would be considered for admission.
  • Q: What is required for admission into the Phoenix Day School for the Deaf?
  • A: A thorough diagnostic evaluation is required, and each student is considered on an individual basis. The IEP team in which the parent is an integral part is responsible for making placement decisions. Phoenix Day School for the Deaf Students must be residents of the state of Arizona and live within the Phoenix area to the extent that daily transportation is feasible. Generally this is a distance no greater than one and one half hours or approximately 25 miles from the school by school bus. Traffic must be taken into consideration. Referrals for admission must be made through the student’s district of residence.
  • If you are interested in investigating our program as a possible placement for your child, please contact Jill Voit, Assistant Principal of Curriculum and Instruction at (602) 771-5341 / VP (602) 429-0116 or email: [email protected].

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