The audiology department at the Phoenix Day School for the Deaf (PDSD) is comprised of two audiologists, Jacqueline Mangold and Trissan Jones. Each student enrolled at PDSD has access to audiology services ranging from evaluation to management of devices. Services provided by the audiology department include, but are not limited to:

  • Completion of annual audiologic evaluations in accordance with the student’s individualized education program
  • Regular and active monitoring of fluctuating hearing losses, progressive hearing losses, and middle ear pathologies
  • Care and maintenance of student’s personal devices, including in-office repairs and collaboration with manufacturers for timely repair of devices that cannot be repaired on campus
  • Ability to make and fit earmolds on campus, as requested by outside audiologists
  • Collaboration with healthcare professionals inside and outside of PDSD for the evaluation and treatment of individual students, including coordination with PDSD speech-language pathologists
  • Collaboration with local cochlear implant teams in regards to PDSD students
  • Consideration of additional assistive technology (FM systems) to assist students in voicing environments
  • Access to batteries, either on an as needed basis, or through the purchase of multiple batteries
  • Assistance in parent and teacher education regarding audiology and assistive listening technology
  • Involvement in annual and triennial IEP/MET meetings

It is the goal of the audiology department to provide the best care possible for PDSD students. We are committed to creating an environment that bests suits the needs and wishes of the individual student and family. We strive to provide information and support for all decisions regarding the audiologic needs of PDSDs students.