photo of preschool supervisorPDSD Preschool has five sites located across the Valley from Queen Creek to Avondale serving deaf and hard-of -hearing children from 2.9 to 5 years of age. Having sites across the valley allows our youngest students to attend preschool closer to home with less travel time.  Please contact the Preschool office located on the PDSD campus for exact locations.  Maureen Gallucci is the Supervising Teacher of the Preschool and Debbie Eubank is the Preschool Secretary.

Our Preschool classrooms have from 4-6 children with a certified Teacher of the Deaf and an Instructional Assistant.  The small class size allows for individual as well as small group instruction.  We also have speech therapists who provide speech and auditory training for our students.  An occupational therapist, physical therapist and vision therapist are available at each site if needed.  The entire teaching staff meets each month for staff meetings, professional development workshops, and curriculum training so that no matter what location the child attends across the Valley, there are equal standards and high teacher expectations.

The emphasis in all classes is language development. This includes developing skills in the areas of Sign Language, Speech, Audition, Speechreading, and written English depending on the needs of the child.  PDSD Preschool is accredited by NAEYC which is the National Association for the Education of Young Children.  The accreditation is proof of the high standards and appropriate practices we maintain in the Preschool.  We offer a wide range of communication modes for our preschoolers. We provide classes where the focus is developing sign language and spoken/written English as well as oral classes where the focus is on speech and audition.  Class placement is determined through the IEP process and is dependent on the child’s mode of communication and needs.

We provide an education for those students who are deaf or hard of hearing. We are different from a cross-category program or typical preschool as our highly trained staff make daily accommodations for the student’s deafness by providing a variety of communication modes, using picture cues, planning for multi-sensory experiences to give common background knowledge on which to build vocabulary and language, using manipulatives and toys to provide concrete objects to label and manipulate, providing visual cues, inputting  language in a sequential, repetitive manner on a developmentally appropriate level , providing a small class size to input language with good visual access to the speaker in a quiet environment, and creating classrooms where direct peer interaction in sign language and/or spoken English can occur in order to develop social skills and language skills in a natural, developmentally appropriate manner through play.

Please contact us for additional information about the program or if you have questions about the process on how your child can become a part of our Preschool Community here at the Phoenix Day School for the Deaf.

Contact information:  Phone: 602-771-4658 / Fax: 602-771-4853 / Video Relay:  602-845-8055