🏆 Big news from the PDSD Academic Bowl team! 🏆

We took on the competition at AB Midwest Regionals hosted by Arkansas School for the Deaf. Although we didn’t clinch the win, we’re bursting with pride because we snagged the Sportsmanship Award! 🎉👏

Hats off to Ducati Camacho, Francehsco Yesuf, Joseph Trent, and Sara Duncan! If you spot them on campus, don’t forget to shower them with congratulations!

🍪Also, mark your calendars for April because we’re gearing up for a tasty fundraiser! Keep your eyes peeled for more info on our cookie sale. 🍪


alt-text:Attached is a photo of the team. The four students are seated in front of 3 staff members on a stage. They are holding a plaque and are each wearing medals with yellow and blue sashes. Text is above and below the photo in a yellow border. It reads “Sportsmanship, Phoenix Day School for the Deaf. Gallaudet University Youth Programs.”