Career & Tech

Technical Education program provides students with active “hands-on”

Culinary Arts

This course recognizes the widespread need for improving the nutritional well-being of young men and women. It has as its focus the relationship of food to health and changing lifestyles, while emphasizing the fundamental areas of nutrition, consumer skills and food preparation. Culinary Arts also goes beyond these basics. It broadens students’ understanding of the impact food has on their lives, the diet/health link and career options in the food and nutrition fields.

Technology Concepts

This course is designed to provide students with the skills needed to use the computer as a tool for improving personal productivity. Students experience hands-on instruction in word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation software. Significant events in the development of the computer and basic computer terminology are discussed. Correct computer usage and maintaining personal integrity in the use of computers is emphasized and practiced. Most significant computer applications and technologies in present use or being developed are discussed according to the interests and background of each class.


Digital Production
Digital Media-TV Productions and ASL News Students learn digital integration of video and motion graphics through the creation of experimental short narrative scenes and the production of a school news cast. This course also covers preproduction and production technique, emphasizing editing and compression methods for web, CD-ROM or DVD delivery. Additionally, students develop excellent story-telling skills through the use of story boarding, camera composition and scene sequencing techniques.

Digital Graphics
State of the art computer graphics software is introduced with respect to print graphics. The course is an introduction to typography, graphic layout/design fundamentals, and other software applications. Following a fine arts approach, students generate their own creative content for print and/or electronic publication. By the end of the class the student finishes at least five different kinds of projects ranging from promotional posters and business cards, to bottle labels, and restaurant menus.Digital Graphics

Digital Journalism
This course teaches the fundamentals of digital illustration with Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop, through a mixture of hands on exercises, lectures, and demonstrations. Topics include design, layout, typography, color principles, vector graphics versus raster graphics and project preparation for print. By the end of the class the student will be creating a school yearbook.