The emphasis of Arizona School for the Deaf’s (ASD) kindergarten through fourth-grade elementary school is language development and literacy through a dual language approach using American Sign Language and English.  Students in our program receive access to the following services:

  • communication and socialization opportunities with deaf and hard of hearing peers;
  • deaf and hard of hearing teachers, role models, and mentors;
  • direct instruction provided by a certified teacher of the deaf;
  • electives such as Physical Education, Art, and Career and Technical Education;
  • related services staff as outlined in Individualized Education Programs (IEPs), including  audiological services, physical therapy, and counseling; and
  • life skills classes for students with multiple disabilities, which focus on activities of daily living and functional skills.

Elementary school students at ASD benefit from small class sizes and instruction from highly qualified, certified teachers of the deaf. The average class size is six students (with a range of four to nine students), providing maximum opportunity for individual as well as small group instruction. To ensure high standards are being met for both teachers and students, the entire teaching staff meets regularly for staff meetings, professional development workshops, and curriculum trainings.

Please contact us for additional information about the program or if you have questions about the process on how your child can become an ASD student.