Frequent Asked Questions:

Q: Who is eligible for the Arizona School for the Deaf?
A: A student who is between the ages of 3 and 22 whose level of hearing impedes his/her ability to learn in a traditional classroom.

Q: What is required for admission?
A: A thorough diagnostic evaluation is required, and each student is considered on an individual basis. The Individualized Education Program (IEP) team, which includes the parent(s), is responsible for making the decision to place the child at ASD. Arizona School for the Deaf Students must be residents of the state of Arizona. Referrals for admission must be made through the student’s local school district.

Q: What is the enrollment at the Arizona School for the Deaf?
A: The school population has increased steadily each of the last several years averaging between 300 to 350 students in grades preschool and 12th grade.

Q: What is the overall philosophy of Arizona School for the Deaf?
A: The philosophy of the school supports the acquisition and development of two languages: ASL and English.

Q: What is the basic curriculum for the Arizona School for the Deaf?
A: The basic curriculum parallels that of any regular public school program with modifications made to meet the specific communication needs of deaf/hard-of-hearing students. Classes such as physical education, computer instruction, math, ASL, and reading are an integral part of the curriculum for all students. Advanced vocational and career preparation programs are available to high school students.