At the Arizona School for the Deaf and the Blind, we believe that athletics plays an important role in supporting academics and whole-student development. We offer six sports across 3 seasons. We are a member of the Tucson Independent Athletic League (Middle School sports). The league contains private and charter schools across the city of Tucson. The participation fee for each sport is $30 per student.

Middle School’s Girl Basketball team plays during the spring from March to May.

Head Coach – Ashleigh Warden

Assistant Coach – Bryan Newton

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ASDB Middle School Girls Basketball Schedule 2023


Virginia Aros
Ivy Becker
Sarah Coryell
Melany Marquez
Lilian Paola Hurtado Martinez
Danielle Padilla
Aretzli Ochoa
Mar Azul Ruiz Corral
Beverly Sieler
Taylor Smith
Isabell Tena
Sarah Thomack
Katia Tona
Yasmine Valenzuela
Isabella Vega


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