At the Arizona School for the Deaf and the Blind, we believe that athletics plays an important role in supporting academics and whole-student development. We offer six sports across 3 seasons. We are a member of the Tucson Independent Athletic League (Middle School sports). The league contains private and charter schools across the city of Tucson. The participation fee for each sport is $30 per student. The Middle School’s Flag Football team plays during the Fall from August to November.

Head Coach Alexander Robledo   [email protected]

Download the Middle School Flag Football schedule by clicking here

Name Class
Irving Arizmendi Jr 8th
Antuan Boykin 5th
Buba Gannes 8th
Brennen Green 8th
Zamiah Little 8th
Daniel Marquez 6th
Dylan Marquez Medra 5th
Brandon Seay Jr 6th
Tyler Smith 6th
William Thomack Jr 6th
Jeronimo Villela 5th


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