🌞🌑✨ Today our students embarked on an extraordinary journey into the cosmos as they witnessed the magic of the solar eclipse! 🌞🌑✨

With excitement buzzing in the air, our students gathered together to experience this rare celestial event. Every student had the opportunity to grasp the wonder of the eclipse in their own unique way.

Today, we didn’t just observe the eclipse—we felt its power, its beauty, and its significance. We’re grateful for the chance to witness such a breathtaking event together and look forward to many more adventures in learning and discovery ahead!


Attached are 3 photos:

1. A student sits in the grass with eclipse glasses over his glasses, looking up to the sky.

2. Three students and their teacher are wearing colorful masks they constructed out of paper plates and eclipse glasses. They look up to the sky.

3. A photo of the entire group of students and staff near the grassy area by the cafeteria. Some are looking up to the sky with their glasses, and some are chatting together while they use eclipse gadgets to see the shadows on the ground.