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Mary Highline

A photo of Mary Highline

Mary is an exceptional teacher of visually impaired students. She goes above and beyond to make connections with her students and ensure they have the supports necessary to be successful. Her work with students is a clear example of Pillar 2 of the strategic plan. She strives to develop opportunities for her students, while ensuring their continued success. She regularly finds ways to weave in applicable assistive technology into her instruction and helps the students to understand the “Why” behind what they are learning. Mary is up for any challenge that is placed before her and collaborates regularly with colleagues and agency staff to ensure that students have the resources and tools necessary to meet their full potential. Mary, thank you for all you do!

Shella Cramer

A photo of Shella Cramer is seen

Shella retired after many years on the Tucson campus in the preschool and then, several years later, she was hired once again as our first full-time Distance HI teacher. Shella consistently demonstrates Stratgic Plan Pillar 1 Excellent Communication and Relationships by staying in regular contact with the classroom teachers for each of her students; emailing them if a student is having challenges regarding the technology device provided by the school, for example the laptop, camera, or microphone; she also emails the teacher if the student is late for a scheduled HI session. She also demonstrates Pillar 2: Outstanding student Development. She is the Queen of Boom Cards. Every lesson for her students is very interactive and encourages their full participation. We are very thankful that when she came out of retirement, she chose to come to work with our Distance students.

Lashauna Whitney

A photo of Lashauna Whitney

Lashauna always goes above and beyond her duties as a Lead. She works tirelessly to make sure her students, staff, and families get the customer service they deserve. I am honored to get to work with her on a regular basis.

Doris Woltman


Doris is one the hardest working people I know. She is brilliant and a team player. She has helped to support students, staff, and families not only in Tegion 3 but in Region 1 all year. I am grateful to be able to learn from her on a daily basis.

Jessica Madsen

A photo of Jessica Madsen

Jessica has worked tremendously hard on the House Activities and the Yearbook. She has put in countless hours! She gives her all to PDSD!