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ASDB Videos
<span class="title">ASDB Overview</span>
ASDB Overview
<span class="title">Historical Presentation</span>
Historical Presentation
<span class="title">Museum Video</span>
Museum Video
<span class="title">Superintendent Reichman opens the Arizona House of Reps floor session with the Pledge of Allegiance</span>
Superintendent Reichman opens the Arizona House of Reps floor session with the Pledge of Allegiance
<span class="title">Spotlight on Student Success Franchesco Yesuf Presentation</span>
Spotlight on Student Success Franchesco Yesuf Presentation
<span class="title">PDSD Mannequin Challenge</span>
PDSD Mannequin Challenge
<span class="title">Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer</span>
Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer
<span class="title">PDSD #whyIsign</span>
PDSD #whyIsign
<span class="title">PDSD Community Empowerment Event 2017</span>
PDSD Community Empowerment Event 2017
<span class="title">National Anthem 2017 Performance</span>
National Anthem 2017 Performance
National Anthem performed by PDSD students.
<span class="title">ASB Graduation Video</span>
ASB Graduation Video
<span class="title">Spiderman Can Audio Described</span>
Spiderman Can Audio Described
<span class="title">Reichman PDSD Kindergarten Class Visit Audio Described</span>
Reichman PDSD Kindergarten Class Visit Audio Described
<span class="title">ASDB Overview Audio Described</span>
ASDB Overview Audio Described
<span class="title">PDSD Mannequin Challenge Audio Described</span>
PDSD Mannequin Challenge Audio Described
<span class="title">PDSD 2016 farewell Audio Described</span>
PDSD 2016 farewell Audio Described
<span class="title">PDSD 12016 Bus Welcoming Ceremony Audio Described</span>
PDSD 12016 Bus Welcoming Ceremony Audio Described
<span class="title">ASDB Science Fair 2017 Audio Described</span>
ASDB Science Fair 2017 Audio Described
<span class="title">ASDB Homecoming Pep Rally Audio Described</span>
ASDB Homecoming Pep Rally Audio Described
<span class="title">ASD Track &amp; Field 2017 Audio Described</span>
ASD Track & Field 2017 Audio Described
<span class="title">2016 White Cane Day Audio Described</span>
2016 White Cane Day Audio Described
<span class="title">PDSD Production of the Wizard of Oz</span>
PDSD Production of the Wizard of Oz
<span class="title">ASDB Museum Audio Described</span>
ASDB Museum Audio Described
<span class="title">Historical Presentation Audio Described</span>
Historical Presentation Audio Described
<span class="title">PDSD Kindergarten Graduation (Audio Described)</span>
PDSD Kindergarten Graduation (Audio Described)
<span class="title">PDSD Graduation Opening (Audio Described)</span>
PDSD Graduation Opening (Audio Described)
<span class="title">PDSD Farewell (Audio Described)</span>
PDSD Farewell (Audio Described)
<span class="title">Max Speech (Audio Described Intro)</span>
Max Speech (Audio Described Intro)
<span class="title">Blind Olympics 2017 (Audio Described)</span>
Blind Olympics 2017 (Audio Described)
<span class="title">ASL National Anthem (Audio Description Intro)</span>
ASL National Anthem (Audio Description Intro)