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A widescreen photo of two students walking down a corridor on PDSD campus. Pictured overtop the photo is large text reading, 'February 2024'.
A portrait photo of ASD Elementary Teacher Ana Layce Garcia. She has long, light hair, is wearing an orange top, and has a wide smile on her face.

Layce is so good at incorporating hands-on and using manipulatives into her lesson plans for her large group of Deaf+ students, especially DeafBlind. She can differentiate instruction for diverse and different levels of students. She also has strong collaboration with colleagues.

She fosters a positive, and inviting classroom environment.

She inspires students to love learning.

She has positive relationships with students and parents. She has great interpersonal skills and loves to listen and be there for everyone such as students, families, teachers, staff, and even administrators.

A portrait photo of Audio Describer Cian Callahan. Cian has short curly hair and is wearing an army green t-shirt displaying the band, U2.

Cian received scholarships to the Berklee College of Music in Boston before graduating from the Arizona School for the Arts, followed up an ASU graduation, concentrating in jazz musical studies and drumming and audio production.

Cian has actively pursued best practices and techniques for audio descriptions of blind communities and assembled a comprehensive guide for best approaches to serving the blind community.

His hobbies include hiking, traveling, philosophy, and learning Arizona history and geography.

A portrait photo of Human Resources Benefits Analyst Sarah Machado. She has long, dark hair, decorated silver earrings, and is wearing a bright red top.

Sarah brings a wealth of Human Resources experience to ASDB as our Benefits Analyst. Sarah has over 17 years of experience in Human Resources. She joined our team in 2018 and has been a great asset to our staff ever since.

Sarah always is ready with a smile, greeting everyone like an old friend and treating their needs as such too. She helps ASDB team members to navigate Open Enrollment every year, FMLA, ADA, and Retirement. She also assists with the often difficult and confounding insurance carriers.

She displays reassurance that will get you through the best times and the tough ones too.

Thank you Sarah for all you do, we appreciate you!

Staff Spotlight Posts

Sherilyn knows how to read a student’s needs though their expressions, not every person has that ability.

Students gravitate to Sherilyn’s direct approach.

They enjoy that they are treated just like every other student.

Sherilyn at work, is focused on the best education experience for all students.

A portrait photo of Transition Specialist William Paresa. He has short, salt-and-pepper hair, glasses, and is wearing a maroon button-up shirt.

William is able to bring his knowledge and experience to the students he work with in their transition planning and provide the work experience the support the site trainers need to ensure that the students in that program get the support they need.

A widescreen photo of two students walking down a corridor on PDSD campus. Pictured overtop the photo is large text reading, 'February 2024'.
A portrait photo of Senior IT Support Analyst Brandon Wagoner. He has a buzzcut, a full beard, and is wearing a red polo shirt while standing in front of an open laptop.

Brandon brings a vast amount of experience in education IT and IT in general. His work ethic, attention to detail, and punctuality are exemplary.

He makes sure that all students and teachers have up-to-date technology, and uninterrupted access to the internet, Google services, and any services related to IT.

Brandon has never been late to work even when he had an hour-and-a-half commute for a year and a half. He is a Tucson native and his wife also works for ASDB as a teacher at PDSD.

A portrait photo of ASB High School Teacher Danielle Barnes. Danielle has platinum blonde hair and is wearing a green top with ruffled sleeves.

Danielle brings both knowledge and expertise in a manner that encourages students to do their best.

Her experience in behavior management allows her to create a calm classroom that helps her students learn both academics and the functional skills they need when they leave ASDB.

Danielle is also willing to serve the agency outside of her classroom, and is a member of the Tucson Campus PBIS team dedicated to bringing PBIS to our campus.

A portrait photo of Deaf Mentor Edna Gary. She has medium-long brown hair, is wearing a brown top, and has a wide smile on her face.

Edna has many wonderful characteristics that are beneficial for families, including creativity, optimism, enthusiasm, and cheerfulness.

She is passionate about increasing her productivity and enjoys creating PowerPoint presentations for different lessons that can improve teaching for families.

A portrait photo of PDSD Elementary Teacher Megan Tellefson. She has straight, brown and blonde hair, and is wearing a large smile on her face.

Megan Brings vast subject knowledge in ASL and Writing Composition, and use of classroom management strategies. Her communication, collaboration, and teamwork skills with parents and teachers are stellar. She can easily adjust to changing circumstances. Megan understands that one factor that impacts student learning is engaging teaching.

She uses technology to enhance her teaching and engage the students in learning. She fosters student development of cognitive and social skills. She understands that early learning builds self-confidence in students and lays the groundwork for future achievement. She puts in countless hours to support her co-workers and enhance her lessons for student achievement.

Megan has worked for the Phoenix Day School for the Deaf as an Instructional Assistant, Behavioral Specialist, and Elementary Teacher. She is also a graduate of the Phoenix Day School for the Deaf.