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ASDB is an agency of the State of Arizona Government, reporting to the Governor’s Office, providing services to deaf, hard of hearing, blind, visually impaired and deafblind children throughout the state of Arizona through three site-based programs, five regional cooperatives, and a statewide early intervention program.

Ms. Annette ReichmanSuperintendent[email protected]520.770.3704
Dr. Kristen RexAssistant Superintendent[email protected]520.770.3248
Mr. Paul CreasyExecutive Director, Information Technology[email protected]520.770.3714
Mr. Terry PritchardExecutive Director, Facilities & Operations[email protected]602.771.5159
Ms. Shaina CooperExecutive Director, Business Services[email protected]602.771.4694
Ms. Maria MurphyDirector, Government Policy & Relations[email protected]520.770.3362
Ms. Anita PyeattExecutive Director, Human Resources[email protected]520.770.3714
Dr. Jennifer HensleyDirector of Deaf Programs[email protected]602.771.5255
Ms. Lisa YencarelliDirector of Blind Programs[email protected]520.770.3247
Ms. Courtney FritzPrincipal, Phoenix Day School for the Deaf (PDSD)[email protected]602.771.5301
Ms. Kelly CreasyPrincipal, Arizona School for the Deaf (ASD)[email protected]520.770.3863
Ms. Kelly CreasyPrincipal, Arizona School for the Blind (ASB)[email protected]520.770.3863
Dr. Faye MillerDirector, Desert Valleys Regional Cooperative (DVRC)[email protected]602.771.5225
Ms. Michele LucciDirector, Eastern Highlands Regional Cooperative (EHRC)[email protected]928.524.1320
Mr. Dale DevriesDirector, North Central Regional Cooperative (NCRC)[email protected]928.774.0655
Ms. Pia BensonDirector, Southeast Regional Cooperative (SERC)[email protected]520.770.3288
Dr. Wemme WallsDirector, Southwest Regional Cooperative (SWRC)[email protected]928.317.0429
Dr. Kendra BenedictDirector, Early Childhood & Family Education (ECFE)[email protected]520.770.3002