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Earlier this year our school hosted the Braille Institute’s #BrailleChallenge. Many of our students worked hard in the competition and won awards. Two of our students made it all the way to the Braille Challenge 2020 FINALS!We wanted to congratulate our two finalists from the ASDB Tucson Campus!Ciara Peterson competed in the Junior Varsity category and Joey Parra competed in the Varsity category. We are so proud of you both for all of your hard work!Way to go Sentinels!

Alt-text: attached is an image, it has the braille challenge logo at the top which consists of 6 dots all different colors, and text that reads “Braille Challenge”. the rest of the image reads: Congratulations for making it to the 2020 finals” On the left and right sides of the image are photos of Ciara and Joey during the challenge with their braille writers, wearing blue Braille Challenge face masks. The ASDB logo is at the bottom.