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Marci Barenburg
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Arizona Resident
PDSD Principal not following policies and procedures and lying to parents.
Within the ASDB policies and procedures there are timelines set in place on complaints as well as who can investigate certain complaints. The timelines are regularly not followed and in one instance, the principal at PDSD was allowed to investigate herself, which is also against the policy. When I filed a KEB complaint about it the Superintendent stated that the principal had been diligent, and Annette only responded to a small portion of what had been in the complaint. When I further responded, it was ignored. Stating someone was diligent without further explanation, does not make it so. The principal waited greater than a month to investigate a safety issue, changing her story multiple times while looking at notes. She expects perfect honesty and timeline recall more than a month after an event from a 10 year old, but can not herself provide that. I have this audio recorded and e-mails to back up these statements. The principal’s negligence in the situation led to a teacher having three orders of protection against her. On other JII complaints we requested to see video footage of what we were told the principal saw, and she said they would blur student faces and allow us to view it. This was never done. Per multiple staff members there are no cameras that directly face the W building that could see what the principal indicated she had seen. It is not ok for administration to lie to parents. This is only a small touch of the principal’s dishonesty that we have encountered.

This was the final straw for me and my family. We had to remove our student from this school. If we cannot trust administration, how can we trust our child is ok here? How can the Superintendent support dishonesty and lack of accountability from her principal?