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Marci Barenburg
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Arizona Resident
Policies and procedures not being followed and current leadership.
ASDB and Annette have continued to fail at following policies and procedures from a complaint form in the spring. Annette defended the principal in her investigating herself in a formal JII complaint when the policies clearly state that it should have been handled by someone else. I spoke to the president of the board about it and to this day the compliant for the JII and the KEB complaint were never completed per policies and procedures or corrected to be closer to following said policies and procedures. Annette quit responding after my first interaction with her on this matter.

Annette mentioned at a previous board meeting that the Nov 4th issue never made it to her desk. Parents should not need to utilize OCR and the state ombudsman’s office in order to see policies and procedures followed. When parents e-mail and speak at board meetings, these should be seen as formal complaints, and if they are not, then the principal or other leadership should be recommending parents to the appropriate forms. As of now parents have to dig through policies and procedures and learn as they go to be taken seriously.

This administration needs to stop considering themselves as the be all end all with no consequences.