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Media and Communications

Our mission is to create a vibrant and engaging social media presence that fosters a sense of belonging and inclusivity for all.



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Our Team

As a team, we collaborate to spark meaningful conversations, celebrate milestones, and spread awareness about the outstanding work being done to empower our students. Meet our members:

A small, portrait photo of ASDB Media Team Director, Aaron Moya. He is pictured smiling outside with parted, brown hair and a blue, button-up shirt.

Aaron Moya

Director of Media and Technology
Phoenix Campus
Phone: (602) 771-5151

A small, portrait photo of ASDB Media Team member, Sean Callahan. He is pictured smiling outside with parted, brown hair and a blue, button-up shirt.

Sean Callahan

Senior Multimedia Specialist

Phoenix Campus

Phone: (480) 773-3154


A small, portrait photo of ASDB Media Team member, Kelsey Fernandez. She is pictured smiling with glasses and long, brown hair.

Kelsey Fernandez

Senior Multimedia Specialist

Tucson Campus

Phone: (520) 770-3670


A small, portrait photo of ASDB Media Team member, Breanna Soto. She is pictured smiling outside with long, brown hair and a red shirt.

Breanna Soto

Media and Communications Specialist

Tucson Campus

Phone(VP): (520) 762-7930


A small, portrait photo of ASDB Media Team member, William Howell. He is pictured smiling outside with short brown hair and a blue, button-up shirt.

William Howell

Media and Communications Specialist

Tucson/Phoenix Campus

Phone: (520) 653-9356


What We Do

The Arizona State Schools for the Deaf and the Blind’s Media and Communications team is dedicated to using visual storytelling, compelling narratives, and meaningful interactions to ensure that every individual within our close-knit educational community feels seen, heard, and valued. Here are some of the ways we do just that:

Live Streaming

Our media and communications team ensures the seamless live streaming of all significant events, encompassing Board Meetings, Graduations, Sporting Events, Training Sessions, Campus Townhalls, and more. Our unwavering commitment lies in making certain that every live event is fully accessible to all members of our diverse communities.

A panoramic photo of a table set up in a large, wooden corridor. Placed on top of the table is a variety of technology including computer monitors, keyboards, and hard drives. Pictured behind the table are various members of the ASDB Media Team preparing for a video shoot.
A photo of the official ASDB Facebook page as its displayed on a computer monitor. The page features the ASDB logo and a glimpse into the most recent photos and posts published by the account.

Social Media

Social Media serves as a creative and dynamic channel to connect with our community. Our primary goal is to share engaging content that highlights the accomplishments of our students, staff, and their remarkable achievements. Through strategic posts and thoughtful storytelling, we aim to bring their successes to the forefront and foster meaningful engagement with our audience.


Our team plays a vital role in ensuring the creation of accessible video content across all departments. With expertise in the video production process, we collaborate closely with the interpreting department and Audio Describers to develop videos that are inclusive and enjoyable for our entire community. By prioritizing accessibility, we strive to enhance the viewing experience for all individuals.

A photo of two video cameras and a large standing light set up inside a classroom. Within the viewfinder of the nearest camera is a woman in a blue top seated at a half circle table.
A photo of an ASDB photographer standing outside in the sun. Beside her are two young students. The photographer is hunched over with her camera, allowing the smaller students to peer through its viewfinder.


Our team’s comprehensive event coverage at both campuses serves as a valuable archive, preserving important moments throughout the years. Our mission is to ensure that our communities feel intimately connected, as if they were present and actively included in the celebrations or events we document. By providing a window into these occasions, we aim to foster a sense of belonging and engagement among our community members.